TJ Hartman Racing News July 21, 2009



TJ Hartman Racing News July 21st, 2009
July 21st, 2009
Author: Ted Hartman


Photo courtesy of Fletcher Motorsports - TJ in the pits with the 57 car owned by Paul Silva

TJ Hartman Racing - UPDATE - A Different Perspective!

Puyallup, WA - July 21, 2009...

TJ spent last week working for two different teams on the Northwest Speedweek tour, capping it off at the Grays Harbor Raceway on Friday and Saturday for the Fred Brownfield Memorial race. Monday and Wednesday was spent with some familiar faces on the Mike Olson owned - Mitch Olson driven team out of Tacoma, WA. Tuesday and the weekend gave TJ the opportunity to get familiar with Paul Silva and Shane Stewart as he prepares to set out on the road with them.

The weather could not have prepared TJ any better for what he is going to encounter in the Mid-West during late July and August. TJ talks about the week: "I really want to thank Mitch and Mike for taking me along with them to Medford for the start of speedweek. I had fun and they were super easy to work with. Mike took care of me and they're fun to joke around with. It was hot and I got sunburned pretty good. But I found out being at the race track, even if it means just working on the cars, is a lot of fun too."

Tuesday night at Cottage Grove TJ had his first opportunity to work alongside the potent combination of Shane Stewart and Paul Silva. An unfortunate mechanical problem in the heat race relegated the team to start in the back row of the B-main, which they ended up winning. Starting deep in the A-main, Shane and Paul showed why they are so revered as a team, winding up third when the checkered flag flew. TJ continues: "Shane is a really good driver and easy to be around. Paul told me what he wanted me to do and what he expected. He's good at communicating what he's thinking. Everything was so organized it was impressive. In his interview on the front stretch Shane even thanked me with Paul for giving him a great car. I knew I was going to like doing this. Paul said I'm pretty quiet, and don't be afraid to ask questions." He adds with a laugh: "I told him him I'm always quiet so don't be offended!"

Photo courtesy of Fletcher Motorsports - TJ and the Silva Motorsports team

Friday and Saturday the team met up with 50 other teams to compete for the Fred Brownfield Memorial - a race Shane Stewart had won the previous two years. Despite two great drives, they came up short for the win on both nights. TJ winds up the weekend: "Those guys were really, really good. They drive a lot more aggressively than we're used to seeing here, and they don't let up for a minute. It was pretty cool to watch and learn. Shane drove good and ended up 5th on Friday and 8th on Saturday."

After losing a brake line, and ultimately his brakes, the team loaded up and prepared for the next race at Cottage Grove, OR. TJ finishes the update: "It was cool to stand next to Paul and listen to him while the race was going on. He kind of reminded me of my dad - just talking even if nobody was listening! Everybody on their team is cool and I'm having fun. I can't wait to get out on the road."

TJ's home team is envious of the youngsters opportunity this Summer, but relieved to know he is in such capable hands. The team wants to thank Mike and Mitch Olson, along with Paul Silva and Shane Stewart for giving TJ this opportunity - with a reminder to be sure TJ is kept on his toes through the practical jokes we love to play on him. All of TJ's fans and sponsors will be kept up to date with the latest on where TJ is and his thoughts of being on the road. We also send a reminder to support those who support us, as well as Shane Stewart and Silva Motorsports.

Next scheduled stop - The Oregon Trail - In Reverse!

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