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Photo Courtesy of The Nicki Factor - Award from ASCS Northwest 2010

TJ Hartman Racing - Update: The Gamble!                               

Puyallup, WA - November 7, 2010...

When TJ set about attempting to run the entire ASCS Northwest schedule, he knew he would need some luck to complete the entire race schedule.  As the season finale and championship banquet drew closer, lady luck would play a pivotal role for one lucky person.  Any team that had attended 100% of the scheduled races, would be eligible for a chance at a brand new ASCS 360 engine courtesy of Marc Huson @ Shark Racing Engines.  TJ would put himself in contention as one of those 12 teams.

This past weekend, TJ and his team attended the Championship Banquet held at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA.  The luck that TJ had enjoyed for much of the year ran out however, as his name was pulled early and he was eliminated in the last man standing format used to declare a winner.  The Wesmar Racing Engines customer was disappointed, but grateful for just the opportunity to have a shot at something that will aid one of the teams in the Northwest.  TJ talks about the opportunity:  "We all really have to thank Marc(Huson) for putting this deal together.  Many of the teams that ran the whole year are low budget teams, and having another engine is a huge deal.  I would like to have won it, but it was cool to see Garen(Linder) win.  He needed that engine as much as anyone, and it felt good to see it go to a team like that."

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Photo Courtesy of The Nicki Factor - TJ preparing for action during Northwest Speedweek

The evening began as each team that competed in 70% or more of the races was recognized and shared in the contingency prizes, with the top 10 in points taking home a part of the points fund.  After sitting as high as 6th place at one point in the season, TJ was able to stay just inside the top 10 - finishing the year in 9th place in his rookie season as a traveler with the series.  In TJ's words:  "We ran pretty good early on and kind of surprised all of us.  I struggled a lot at Cottage Grove this year, and that kind of put us behind.  But we learned a lot, and ran well at a few tracks that I had never raced before, so that felt pretty good.  I stayed out of trouble, and finished the series with the same car and wings that I started with.  That feels pretty good knowing we have a big head start on next year.  These cars cost a lot of money, and for a budget team like ours, keeping your equipment together is a big deal."   

TJ has already sent his engine in for a freshen up, and dismantled the car to inspect everything for hidden damage.  Aside from a few nicks and bruises from the rocks, everything looked good, and TJ will start the re-assembly process this week.  He talks about what's ahead in the shop:  "I was happy to see everything good in that department.  Maybe that will give me a chance to put a spare car together for next season if we can find just a little help.  I've got most of the components, I just need a frame to make it happen.  I can't thank Wesmar enough for getting us through another year with the engine.  We never have to worry about that end of our program."

The work hasn't been reserved for just the shop however.  TJ has been using his education to enhance his web site and marketing tools, in an effort to constantly improve the look and function of marketing TJ Hartman Racing.  He talks about why it is important to work in this area.  "I have a lot of great companies that have helped me and hung with me.  They deserve the best that I can do to get their name out there and show them that I am worthy to be a part of their programs.  I'm learning a lot in school, and I think the new design of my web site will help them and me.  It's a lot simpler to get the updates on there, and a lot easier for my fans to navigate.  I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a fresh design that would be easy to use, and I hope everyone likes what I've been able to do."

The web site is still located at and on the front page you will find several features to get you connected with TJ and his race team.  A link to both the Twitter and Facebook pages is just one click away, and we encourage everyone to show your support by signing up and encouraging your friends to do so as well.  TJ is making it one of his goals to keep the off-season interesting and fresh, and you won't want to miss anything.  There is also a brand new feature where anyone can register right on the web site and be added to the update list.  This will make the process more streamlined in receiving the updates from TJ Hartman Racing.

TJ wants to thank all of his friends, fans, and sponsors for supporting him this season and into the future.  Finishing inside the top 10 against some of the best drivers in the Northwest would not have been possible without the support.  The association TJ has with each of you is of great value, and all of us at TJ Hartman Racing thank all of you for sharing in the accomplishments for 2010.  In TJ's words:  "I had a good year and I'm confident looking ahead.  I love racing, and being able to do this is something I'm very grateful for.  I plan on making 2011 even better."  

Next scheduled stop -  Re-Assembly!

ASCS Northwest Season Stats:
17 Completed Races(plus 2 rainouts) in Washington, Oregon, & Montana
9 tracks - 7 of them first time visit
Average Car Count:  35
Full Time Participants: 14
Top 10 Finishes:  3
Heat Race Wins:  2
National A-Main Starts:  2
Season Standing:  9th Place

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