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TJ Hartman Racing - Update: Tie Me Kangaroo Down TJ!                               

Puyallup, WA - April 3, 2011...

In late 2008, following a successful rookie season in a 360 sprint car, a (then) 17 year old TJ sat down and shared his thoughts about racing, how he got to where he was, and his plans for the future.  He conveyed his thoughts about the long shot of anyone making it to the upper echelons of racing, and with his typical smile and a shrug of his shoulder he stated: "just take it weekend by weekend, and race by race, and whatever comes.......comes!"  

Fast forward two and a half years to April 6th when TJ will board an airplane for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in pursuit of a life experience that few get the opportunity, and even fewer take the chance.  With the start of the racing season right around the corner in the Northwest, El Nino weather patterns have the Pacific Coast of the U.S. drenched, and delays in racing schedules are inevitable.  What better time to head South to take in the end of the racing season in the Southern Hemisphere! 

As TJ knew all along, things change and you have to be able to roll and react to what comes your way.  TJ talks about how the opportunity came about:  "I've just been really fortunate to have a lot of great people want to help me and see me race.  The (racing) season doesn't end down there for a couple more months and a few people suggested I come down and see if we could meet some people, use it as a vacation, but bring my gear and seat just in case something comes along.  I talked with my parents and my professor and everyone approved of the idea, so I started packing!"

To be 19 years old and get the opportunity to travel to the opposite end of the planet trumps anything TJ has done before.  He talks about what to expect:  "It's definitely a lot further than anywhere I've ever been.  I'm really looking forward to meeting all the friends I've made on-line and getting to know them better.  I'm not sure who is more excited for me - them, or my friends here at home who can't wait to hear me with an Australian accent!"

TJ will be gone for approximately 7 weeks (assuming he decides to return or isn't kidnapped by his Aussie hosts) and will return in time for college finals and the traditional start of good weather in the Northwest.  You can view the 2008 interview and a short blurb on an Australian Speedway Radio show called Race Radio with Andy Ticehurst about the upcoming trip by clicking on the links below. 

2008 Interview:

Radio show blurb:

Radio show in its entirety:

There was only one problem encountered in the planning process, but TJ came up with a quick fix.  Making sure he had all his bases covered:  "Maria tracked down some Mountain Dew for me in Brisbane, and the airline said I can take peanut butter on the plane.  I haven't heard too many good things about that vegemite stuff from the racers who have been down under, so I'm bringing my own jar of the good stuff!"

All of us at TJ Hartman Racing in the USA want to thank Dale Grotherr, his family, and his friends for making this possible for TJ and giving him the opportunity of a lifetime.  Any one of us would trade places with TJ in a heartbeat, except for the fact none of us fit the seat and wouldn't know what to do with it if we did!

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Next scheduled stop -  Brisbane via VAustralia Airlines.                            

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