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TJ Hartman Racing News June 13, 2011




Photo Courtesy of The Nicki Factor - A Birds-Eye View into TJ's Cocoon

TJ Hartman Racing - Update: A View From Above!                            

Puyallup, WA - June 12, 2011...

TJ loaded his Wesmar powered Maxim in the trailer this past Saturday and made the short trek to Grays Harbor Raceway to try and improve on the good showing the previous week.  Another heat race win and a solid 4th place finish in the A-main event showed the team is on track and making advancements in the still young (for TJ) 2011 season.

A unique format that includes group qualifying, inverted heat races, passing points, and an inverted A-main field keeps the competitors on their toes.  Still working on the philosophy that he needs to learn every time he hits the track, there is no easing up for the 19 year old from Puyallup, WA.  TJ takes the story:  "The car felt real good in qualifying but for some reason we missed the final two laps of our session.  I'm not exactly sure what happened with that, but we ended up 6th so that's not bad.  I started outside the front row of my heat and got the lead right away and took off.  Mylaps showed we were faster than everyone and the car was working really good on the top, even with the track being a little dry.  Grays Harbor is tough to get perfect for the whole night but it's a lot of fun when you can just focus on hitting your marks.  The heat race adjustments we made gave me a lot of confidence for the rest of the night."  

Photo Courtesy of The Nicki Factor - The #19 ready for action on a beautiful evening at GHR

Scoring the second most points for the second week in a row, TJ would slot up in the 8th starting position for the main event that would end up running the entire 25 lap distance caution free.  TJ takes the green: "I got hung up on the start and fell back to 9th for a couple of laps.  I tried the bottom for a lap and found out my car was working anywhere I wanted to go.  That felt great and gave me the confidence to focus on driving and making my passes on a really good race track that had a top and a bottom that were pretty equal.  It took me four laps to pass 5 cars and from there I was pretty much settled in at fourth place.  The leaders had kind of taken off and my only real chance at moving forward was in lapped traffic but those guys were running good and the race was basically over for me.  It did give me a chance to move around on the track and just turn some laps by myself which helps too.  They said the race was over in just over six minutes.  Nights like this I wish the race would last all night.  My confidence was really up and that feels good to race like that.  I'll take a fourth place finish with these guys and as far back as I started with the way things went without any cautions."    

When things go good it makes it easy to pick out the positives.  TJ reflects on the night:  "I really feel like we improved from last week.  Our decisions for making adjustments is getting better and when we make the right adjustments, that really helps my confidence in driving.  I think we hit the setup pretty good all night, and we're just missing a little speed in my driving, but we're getting better.  I don't ever remember having a car that worked that good wherever I wanted to put it, and that tells me we made some good decisions on setting up the car, but we're not going to rest on that.  When you have a track that is that nice and a car working like mind did, the only thing left is the driver, and I'm going to keep working at it.  Pulling wheelie's off the bottom is almost as much fun as running the top at Elma, and this weekend we had both!"

Photo Courtesy of Fletcher Motorsports - TJ on the gas in ASCS NW action at GHR

You can find more pictures from last weekend by visiting the TJ Hartman Racing fan page on Facebook or by visiting http://fletchermotorsports.smugmug.com/2011Racing-1/Grays-Harbor-Raceway-61111/17514219_JfTrjN#1333182277_kkWkBXj ; You can also keep up to date on the latest news by visiting the fan page or his web site at: www.TJHartmanRacing.com Don't forget the instant race night and weekly messages by signing up via twitter at: www.twitter.com/tjhartman19

The entire TJ Hartman Racing Team is excited to see the comments from our fans following along on the Internet.  Your enthusiasm keeps us coming back for more!  Thank you for following along.  With Dirt Cup weekend upon the Northwest, TJ's schedule for his ASCS 360 sprint car is up in the air for the next couple of weekends.  Stay tuned to the media links for updates as the week goes along.    

Next scheduled stop - Wash her up and do it again!

Grays Harbor Raceway Results:
Saturday:  Heat     Start: 2nd    Finish: 1st
A-Main Start:  8th    Finish: 4th

TJ Hartman Racing