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TJ Hartman Racing Poster before the Heist!!!!!!!

TJ Hartman Racing - Update: TJ Alert!                                

Puyallup, WA - November 9, 2011...

Breaking news out of Puyallup....................Be on the alert for a missing TJ Hartman Racing poster, last seen in the Emerald Ridge High School office of Vice Principal - Steve Leifsen.  The framed piece of art is shown in the most recent picture above, and stands approximately 17 inches tall, and weighs around 1.5 pounds with the frame.  At this time there is no reason to believe that the two have been separated.     

Mr Leifsen, who is currently the VP at Emerald Ridge, was TJ's 6th grade teacher at Pope Elementary where he became a huge fan of TJ's racing.  In addition to actually traveling to Elma to watch TJ race, he also follows along on TJ's media outlets.  The 2010 Emerald Ridge Graduate presented Mr Leifsen with the poster to show his appreciation for all of the support he has shown through the years.  The poster came up missing earlier this month as students (and teachers - *ahem*) were dismissed for the day.  When asked about his thoughts on the subject, Mr Leifsen simply replied:  "It's ON!"

A ransom note has been received, and investigators have a person of interest.  As they compile evidence, officials indicate they are somewhat confused by the ransom demands.  "At first they asked for 1 million dollars" states Emerald Ridge Sophmore Nicki Hartman.  "And then they said 'or they would take a Triple Venti Non-Fat Extra Hot Pumpkin Spice Latte'."  She goes on to say - "It's kind of crazy.  I know my Starbucks and there's only a few people I can think of that would have a crazy order like that!"

The person who sent the ransom demand also made a remark to indicate she(profiling based on coffee demand because no guy would drink their coffee like that) was ready to do battle for the poster unless her demands are met.  Two words made her intentions clear:  "BRING IT!" 

Most witnesses are staying quiet about the heist, but an official who preferred to remain anonymous has indicated that an extradition warrant is forthcoming.  Investigators are also looking into the possibility of any accomplices, and have not ruled out the fact that more than one person could be involved.  When asked if all of the attention on a poster made him nervous, TJ simply replied:  "All of my fans are great!"

Anyone with any information or video of the heist, can contact Mr Leifson directly.  He is passionate about his students, current and former, and is ready to ensure that the perpetrator(s) is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the practical jokers laws.  Stay tuned into the latest information by following along at or on the media page at Facebook:

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