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TJ Hartman Racing - Update: Turkey and all the Fixin's!                               

Puyallup, WA - November 22, 2011...

The racing season in the Northwest has been over for nearly two months.  And while TJ had hoped to put something together for the final push in the Desert Southwest, it didn't come together, and now the final Thursday in November officially ends his 2011 campaign.     

Knowing that this year would be an abbreviated racing season, the Puyallup WA native had plenty of other things to focus on.  From the highs of getting to travel abroad and meet many new friends in Australia, to the heart wrenching news that a good friend had passed away, 2011 was a year of growing for TJ.  "It was just a very hard year" states TJ.  "Losing someone like Marshall was like losing a family member, especially when everywhere we look there is reminders of him."

After altering his travel plans and returning back to the States early to be with family, TJ set his sights on running a few races locally.  TJ continues:  "We didn't put up any impressive numbers on paper, but I think we really learned more this year than years past.  The decisions we made were much better, and if we hadn't of made few mistakes in the shop preparing the car, I think we would have been in contention for some wins.  It's hard when you only get to run on a limited basis."

TJ is currently working on finding funding to run in 2012, and has a couple of different possibilities to return to Australia this Winter.  He talks about what is next:  "I would definitely like to go back (to Australia).  Everyone down there is great and I have some friends working hard on it.  We just have to figure out how to make it all work.  Our car for here is ready to go and there is not a lot to do for that except maybe try and put together a spare car and do some work on the trailer." 

Each year TJ puts together a short video to express the essence of his race season.  With all the great moments he had in Australia, and the great memories of a friend that still resonates in our hearts, it was hard to capture everything in just the few minutes that a short video provides.  "There is so many memories"  TJ explains.  "I just tried to pick out some of my favorite memories over the years and put them in the video.  Some people want to dedicate their win, or something like that to someone they are close to.  But I wanted to dedicate my trip to Australia for my friends that helped me down there, and to Marshall for teaching me to always focus.  I'm just glad that his wish for me to get down there was fulfilled while he was still with us."

You can view the 2011 video on TJ's Vimeo account at: or on his You-Tube account at:

While you're there, check out some of TJ's videos from the past seasons as well.  We want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, and remind everyone to be safe in your travels.  While it is sometimes hard to understand the difficulties that life bestows upon us, we know that we have much to be thankful for this year.  For all of us here at TJ Hartman Racing, we are thankful for having such special friends in our lives.............even if for such a short time such as life is. 

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