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Photo - On-board with TJ packing at GHR!

TJ Hartman Racing - Update: Rain Makes Mud!

Puyallup, WA - May 7, 2012...

Rain in the Springtime makes for green grass, beautiful flowers, and blooming trees.  It also makes for a muddy mess at the race track.  And in the Northwest in the town of Puyallup where options are limited, it makes for a frustrated driver looking to turn some laps.  TJ and his team made the 120 mile round trip trek to Elma the past two weekends, only to be turned away by dark clouds spewing the moisture that racers, fans, and promoters all dread.

Losing two straight weeks of the season doesn't bode well for a team looking to work on improving.  TJ talks about the weather: "I was hoping we were going to race, but it is frustrating to watch it rain and then stop and then rain again - especially when we are already on the track trying to pack it in.  We packed the track twice, and I was ready to keep trying but it just wasn't going to happen."

The team loaded up a muddy race car the first week, and readied it for another try this past weekend.  A deluge all week did not help matters, but the promoters of the Grays Harbor Raceway appeared ready to try it again.  Unfortunately, the black cloud hung over the 3/8 mile clay oval, and no trailer doors were dropped before a few teams made the decision not to wait around for the word it would be called.  "We waited until it was time for the pit meeting, and couldn't get an answer out of the race track if they were going to run, so we left." TJ states.  "When it rains that much all week, and then rains off and on for four hours leading up to race time, there has to be a little more thought put into the situation.  Nobody can control the weather, but we can't tow that far and watch it rain the entire time and not be told what their plans are."

Next week TJ will be at the famed 3/10th mile Skagit Speedway in Alger, WA.  It will be TJ's first time racing on the super fast high banked clay oval.  TJ talks about the decision to head North: "I've watched a lot of racing up there, but we've just never had the opportunity to race there ourselves.  It's the middle of May and I only have one race under my belt, so I've got to do something.  I'm not learning anything sitting around and watching it rain or washing a race car that never turned even a hot lap.  We're going to give it a try and see how it goes.  Skagit has a long history of great sprintcar drivers that has raced there and eventually I hope to be on that list."


Racing gets underway at Skagit Speedway at 7:00 PM, and you can find more information about the race track at Come out and cheer on TJ and the #19 sprintcar team!  If you can't make it, be sure to follow along on twitter at or on TJ's Facebook page at

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