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TJ Hartman Racing News December 15, 2012


Photo by Nitrolane Motorsports Photography - TJ in the Q59 at Archerfield Speedway

TJ Hartman Racing - Update: Down Under!

Brisbane, QLD Australia - December 15, 2012...

With just a touch of jet lag, the result of arriving in Brisbane on Friday and having just enough time to get acquainted and bolt his seat in before heading off to compete in Round 9 of competition at Brisbane's Archerfield Speedway less than 24 hours later, TJ took little time getting comfortable behind the wheel of the Western Landscape Supplies Q59 Midget Speedcar(as they are commonly known in Australia).  The effort resulted in a 11th place finish after working his way inside the top 10 early, before falling back with a struggling mount.

The Scott Wilson owned/ Sid Whittaker Racing prepared Mopar powered Spike chassis sat glistening in the warm sun at Archerfield, where TJ was to take a few moments before racing got underway for a photoshoot with a photographer from Oval Express magazine. "That was pretty cool!" the USA driver exclaimed. "They made me feel like a celebrity down here right away.  Everything has been going non-stop since I got here, and it's just so much fun."

With the glamour shots out of the way, the team prepared to get underway in the 21 year olds first ever drive in a midget.  TJ explains what it was like to strap into the 4-cylinder powered speedcar:  "Even though I felt completely comfortable in the car, we struggled right out of the gate.  The engine was stumbling and I felt like the right rear was bound up.  I got the lead on the start of the first heat, but hooked a rut and fell back.  It took until after the first heat to find the problem with the right rear, but we never did get the stumble completely out of the engine.  At one point it quit just as the second heat race was about to start."

The unique 2-heat format in Australia gave TJ and the team some time to work on the problem.  Although an issue still remained, TJ remained positive and did his best to get accustomed to the new car and his first visit to the Queensland race track.  He goes on:  "We fixed a wire that solved one problem, but it still had a stumble in the corners.  Sid was having brake issues too, so the team was spread kind of thin.  Dale(Grother) and Gavin(Fletcher) jumped in and helped and I can't thank them enough.  We found a few things to work on, and we have two short weeks to get it done and sorted out and we will be good for the 29th again at Archerfield!  I know what it's like from quarter midgets when you try to run a multiple car team, and we'll get it going. I'm confident of that."

It's been somewhat of a whirlwind so far as TJ enjoys his first ever race car drive outside of the States, and outside of his own family owned team.  There is much appreciation for the oportunity, and TJ tries to put it into words.  "I am very pleased with all of the positive attitudes from everyone at the track, the officials, and the fans." TJ states.  "John Weatherall stopped by the trailer and said it was good to see me again and said I looked smooth.  John Kelly, the promoter, talked with me and gave me some good compliments.  My guys; Col, Mitchell, Dale, and Gav worked hard.  Sid and Lisa are a pleasure to be around and I just couldn't ask for anything better!"

Next on the schedule is another meeting at Archerfield on December 29th.  The entire team has much to be excited about, and will take from the first night some great information to use on the next go around.  Be sure to stay connected on the TJ Hartman racing media sites, as updates are posted regularly and in real time.  And if you can adjust your sleep schedule, there is always the possibility to listen in live as the Pride of Puyallup and the Q59 show the Queenslanders what it's like to live the dream!

Follow along on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/tjhartman19 or on TJ's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tjhartmanracing You can also visit the Archerfield Speedway web site at: http://www.brisbanespeedway.com.au/

TJ wishes to express one last thought to everyone as he spends his first Holiday Season away from family.  In his words:

"I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Although I know we're going to miss each other back home, I feel like I have a family down here.  And that makes it all the much better."

Next scheduled stop - Checking His List and Checking It twice!

12/15/2012 Race Results - Archerfield Speedway:

Qualified: 12th

H1:        Start/Finish - 1st/5th

H2:        Start/Finish - DNS

A-main: Start/Finish - 13th/11th

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