TJ Hartman Racing News January 12, 2013



Photo Courtesy of Fletcher Motorsports - The Sun sets on Grays Harbor Raceway as TJ negotiates turns 1 & 2


All of us here at TJ Hartman Racing would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to John Fletcher with Fletcher Motorsports for always making sure we had access to his photos to use in our PR work.  John went above and beyond and never failed to ensure we could upload his photos mere hours after the events he photographed were over.


We have always supported those who spend their time and money capturing the moments that if not for them, would be nothing but a distant memory. Even as John was in the process of removing his web based collection of pictures, he took the time today to give us the opportunity to save them to our files.


For everyone who loves to view the photos and videos from your favorite venue and of your favorite driver.........we encourage you to support your local photographer.


As always Fletch, thanks is not enough. Here's one of our favorites.












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