TJ Hartman Racing News January 27, 2013




TJ strapped in the Western Landscape Supplies Q59 Spike/Mopar


Rain has postponed the Australian Midget Championship race scheduled for this weekend at Archerfield Speedway.  Track officials have decided to re-schedule the event for next weekend, February 2nd, and the team is hopeful they can get the parts in time to get the Scott Wilson Q59 Western Landscape Supplies midget back together.

TJ and his Aussie friends jumped on a plane and flew down to Warrnambool, Victoria to take in the Sprintcar Classic at Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway.  Over 100 sprintcars are there to compete at the annual event that is Australia's comparison to our Knoxville Nationals.

Fingers crossed for better weather in Brisbane and prayers that all are safe through the inclement weather pounding the region this weekend.

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