TJ Hartman Racing News July 7, 2013


Photo Credit Kris Evans - TJ parks it in Victory Lane at Central Alberta Raceways!

TJ Hartman Racing PR - A Win for KidSport Edmonton and EBR Motorsports!

Rimbey, AB Canada - July 7, 2013...

A weekend that started off rough, turned into a weekend of firsts for the EBR Motorsports Team with KidSport Edmonton and driver TJ Hartman.  Driving a Sportsman Sprint for the first time in his career on a track he had never seen before Saturday, with a crew and team he had never worked with before, the Puyallup WA driver landed car owners Scotty Evans and Lisa Davies, and their EBR Motorsports team, in victory lane Sunday.  It would be the first sprintcar win for the team and KidSport Edmonton.


The two day meet at Central Alberta Raceways didn't start off like the team had hoped.  Battling a slight engine misfire, TJ was still able to move the car forward in heat 1.  But a DNF in heat 2, and an engine issue that continued to get worse, resulted in the team not being able to make the call for the main event on Saturday.  "Scotty and I were chasing either a fuel or ignition issue that continued to get worse."  states TJ.  "I was very pleased with Scotty and Derek's help throughout the night diagnosing the problem.  It takes hard work and dedication to push forward when something is going wrong."

The team would work through the night and the next morning to correct the engine, as well as repair the frame that was damaged from an incident in the heat race from the previous night.  The daytime race brought new challenges, but with an engine firing on all cylinders, the team quickly showed that they were ready to contend.  TJ talks about the race:  "We were doing a great job staying up with the track and keeping the car driving forward all the time.  These sportsman sprints are much heavier than my 360, and without the power I'm used to, I definitely had to adjust and listen to Scott's advice in the setup to compensate.  Central Alberta Raceways is a tricky track, but it was a lot of fun to drive."


By virtue of winning both of the heat races, the KidSport Edmonton driver would line the EBR Motorsports mount up on the pole for the feature event.  "I pulled away by over a half lap lead until a yellow came out with six laps to go!"  stated a jubilant Hartman.  "I hit my marks every lap, and it was great to get EBR Motorsports and KidSport their very first win in the sprintcar class.  After what happened on the first night, this team deserved some good results!  We were definitely fast."


Team co-owner Scotty Evans talks about the experience:  "I want to thank (crew chief)Derek Lewchuck for his dedication to the team since its rebirth, and Lisa Davies for all the hours she puts in and what it takes to keep one of these cars on the track.  Also, to Cory and Chevy Goodhope for their outstanding engines and unbelievable support in helping us grow this team.  And TJ Hartman for not just standing around.  He was working hard and had his hands dirty the whole way.  For how fast the conditions change and the pace, he provided great feedback to the crew and what he needs to win races."


TJ concludes the weekend: "It was great to gel so well and work flawlessly with the EBR team.  I love being involved with people like Scotty and Lisa, and I hope to do their team and sponsors proud over the next couple of months.  I also want to thank Brian and Jeannie Butler.  This was my first night out in the new seat and it's a confidence builder to know you're in a superior product like they build.  I am so thankful for the great partners I have, and now to represent KidSport Edmonton, Lisa's Ledgers, The Powder Station, CCR Motorsports, and The Decal Shop, it's a pleasure to have this opportunity."


Up next, TJ and the EBR Motorsports Team will head South to Great Falls, Montana with the #19 ASCS360 sprintcar to do battle with the ASCS National Tour on Wednesday night at Electric City Speedway.  It's a must see event and TJ and the team invite everyone down to the pits following the nights action to talk more about KidSport - "So All Kids Can Play!"  If you can't make it, be sure to follow along on twitter at or on TJ's Facebook page at


Next scheduled stop - Border Crossing!

Results - Central Alberta Raceways:

7-6-2013 -
Heat 1: Start-6th, Finish-4th
Heat 2: Start-3rd, Finish-DNF
A-Main: DNS

7-7-2013 -
Heat 1: Start-6th, Finish-1st
Heat 2: Start-2nd, Finish-1st
A-Main: Start-1st, Finish-1st


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