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Photo - TJ feeling relaxed under the Big Sky of Montana at Electric City Speedway!

TJ Hartman Racing - Update: Need a Brake!

Great Falls, MT - July 10, 2013...

TJ crossed back into the States to compete with the ASCS National Tour Wednesday night at Electric City Speedway.  With EBR Motorsports owner Scotty Evans and crew help from Cory Rundle, the trio dealt with an up and down night.  Ultimately, TJ would drive the KidSport Edmonton, Lisa's Ledgers, The Decal Shop, Wesmar powered Maxim into the nights A-main, and finished a respectable 17th.

Hoping for more, the night got off to a rough start when the Puyallup WA driver lost brakes at the start of the heat race. "I don't know what happened." Hartman states. "They were fine in hot laps, and then nothing as soon as we started the heat race.  I got into Logan(Forler) pretty good, and I'm just thankful he was able to finish the heat race and not ruin his night."

With the passing points format, a DNF in the heat race for the #19 didn't help the situation.  30 cars were on hand and TJ would have to settle for a 4th row starting spot in the B-main.  The team went to work and repaired the damaged parts, but they were left with a decision to make pertaining to the brake issue.  "We decided to just unhook the left front brake and see what would happen." TJ relays. "I had changed this master cylinder before I came up here, and talking to a couple of people, it seemed like that might put a band-aid on the issue."

The fix worked, and despite not having a left front brake on the car, TJ was able to pass a few drivers and finished in 4th place - good enough for a transfer to the nights A-Main event.  From there the team had a decision to make, and recognizing that the track surface was probably going to take rubber, and without a left front brake to help rotate the car, the decision was made to error on the safe side.  "It was just a no win situation for us."  a dejected driver states.  "Maybe if it had taken rubber sooner we would have been OK.  But I made the call and just dealt with it the best I could.  Actually, for what we had, it wasn't too bad.  I moved forward and that felt good."

Starting 20th, TJ found himself in the 15th spot just before the half way point of the 30 lap main event.  He narrowly avoided disaster when a car spun in front of him and barely tagged his front end.  Hartman was able to keep it going, but a late race restart found TJ missing the groove, and he had to settle for losing a couple of spots at the checkered flag. 

TJ concludes the night: "It was a tough night, but all in all I think we did OK with a tough group of cars.  In addition to my sponsors, I want to thank Scotty and Cory for their help, and also want to send a shoutout to Skylar Gee for jumping in and helping repair the car.  Everyone in this deal is so willing to help, loan parts, and be there when you need something.  I can't thank Dan Mann and his staff enough for putting on the show, and helping us out with KidSport.  It's always a pleasure to race in Great Falls.  And big thanks to Bryan Hulbert for getting my sponsor names in on the PA.  They're great people and deserve the recognition for helping to get us out here in front of the fans."

Next up for TJ and his team is the Gold Cup at Edmonton's Castrol Speedway on July 19th and 20th.  The prestigious event draws some of the best sprintcar drivers in Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, and Montana.  It's an event TJ is really looking forward to.

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Next scheduled stop - Putting the Brakes On!

Results - Electric City Speedway ASCS National Tour:
7-10-2013 -
Heat: Start-4th, Finish-DNF
B-Main: Start-7th, Finish-4th
A-Main: Start-20th, Finish-17th


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