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Photo - TJ getting some advice and help from crew members on gear selection

TJ Hartman Racing PR - A Short Summer Nationals!

Alger, WA - July 28, 2013...

Skagit Speedway's Summer Nationals didn't go quite like TJ had hoped for, when the Puyallup WA driver fell short of making the main event on both nights of the high paying 360 sprintcar main event.  The 21 year old will have plenty of time to reflect on what he missed as he makes the 12 hour tow back to Edmonton Alberta.  All was not lost however, as new partnerships and friendships were formed that helped make the weekend possible for the TJ Hartman Racing #19 Maxim with Kidsport Edmonton. 

43 cars signed in for the event, and Hartman fell into a plethora of drivers who put their qualifying times right on the bubble of the all important heat race invert.  His time would just miss landing him on the front row, and he was unable to make the passes necessary to transfer directly from his 3rd row starting spot into the main event on night one.   TJ gets the weekend started: "There's no excuses - we just were not fast enough.  I had a good qualifying spot and just didn't get it done there, or in the heat race.  We tried some things that I've never tried before and it just didn't work for me."

Falling short of a transfer spot out of the B-main, Hartman's team didn't let it get them down.  "Rod(Perkins) was determined to make the second night better."  Hartman states.  "It's great to have someone that strives to make me better on the track."

The team ended the first night about mid-pack in points, and would slot up 8th in the B-main to vie for one of the coveted 6 spots that would transfer to the finale.  "We made some great calls the second night."  says the owner/driver.  "But it's hard as a driver to feel good about just missing out of the A-main."

Hartman would get a good initial start up to the 4th position.  A spin would negate the move and officials called for a complete restart.  Powering the high side to 5th place, TJ would settle in, but lost a spot a few laps later, and then lost the final transfer position on a late race restart when he couldn't hold off the hard charging Kenny Rutz.  He finishes the night:  "It turned out the way it did, and all I can do is reflect on what we did good, but make sure I learn how to make myself better for next time."

The #19 Maxim would take its final checkered flag of the weekend in the 7th position of the B-main in an event that drew 43 top competitors from California to Alberta.  He has many people to thank for making the weekend possible, and for helping him in the pits.  He starts with his crew.  "Greg Bishop was really nice to have there.  We haven't been able to work together since 2007 when I ran down at Hanford.  It's reassuring to know you can trust the guy checking everything over and making sure everything is working properly.  I always like having Will there too because he can really see what's going on with the track and where the racing lines will be changing.  Between him and Rod, they are a lot of help with that.  I also want to thank Andrew for helping out this weekend.  He's worked with Rod on his car and it was really nice having him come and help out."

TJ makes sure to recognize those who take up the financial slack as well.  "Greg surprised me with a barrel of fuel to go along with what Lisa did.  Our friend Paul helped out with a right rear tire like he always does when he sees me race.  Chaz Dugaw and his family put us up for the weekend, and also arranged some media interviews to go along with a lot of effort he put into getting me a couple of marketing partners.  It was great working with him and providing my team and I some great exposure.  Mike Camacho at Affordable Storage helped tremendously with our expenses this weekend, and John Piazza JR from Piazza Construction picked up our Saturday pit passes." 

"All of the radio interviews were great and I enjoyed it.  I can't wait to work with everyone again in the future.  They all worked hard for me and it will be my job to get their companies and names where they deserve to be.  Next time we will be better for them."  states Hartman.

TJ concludes the weekend: "It was great to be back home around my family and friends.  I have a lot of support from many people right now, and it's just awesome.  I also want to thank Steve Beitler and his staff.  It's always a pleasure to race for them and the fans at Skagit Speedway. I'm looking forward to getting back up to Edmonton and working with Scotty and Lisa and the EBR Motorsports team for the next month.  Lastly, I really have to thank Roger at Custom Automotive Specialties in Edmonton.  We had his engine in the car this weekend and he not only made this weekend possible, he also is right there to give me some great advice about racing.  It's great to have so many people believing in me and giving their time to help me."

Next up for TJ is the Race of Champions Invitational at Edmonton's Castrol Raceways on Wednesday, July 31st.  Stay up on the latest information by following along on twitter at or on TJ's Facebook page at for the latest news and information, along with race night updates.

Next scheduled stop - Border Check!

Results - Summer Nationals Skagit Speedway:
7-26-2013 -
Qualifying: 23rd
Heat: Start-5th, Finish-5th
B-Main: Start-8th, Finish-11th

7-27-2013 -
B-Main: Start-8th, Finish-7th


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