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Photo Credit Castrol Raceways Media - EBR Motorsports owners Lisa Davies & Scotty Evans with TJ on Prelim Night of the Extreme Cup

TJ Hartman Racing PR - A Weekend of Extremes!

Edmonton, AB Canada - August 11, 2013...

Over the past few months, the EBR Motorsports team focused a lot of time and energy into competing at Castrol Raceways Extreme Cup - the two day event scheduled over this past weekend in Edmonton.  With driver TJ Hartman picked to pilot the CCR Motorsports powered Maxim, the team knew they could be a contender for winning the annual event.  Friday nights preliminary run confirmed that when the Puyallup WA shoe ignored a foot injury to finish 3rd in the main event, and piled up a fair amount of points for the Saturday finale in the process.  Unfortunately, the team never got the chance to reach the track on Saturday, having been involved in a scary accident that destroyed the teams trailer.  Fortunately, the damage was limited to the equipment, and everyone walked away safe. 

Car count for the event filled 4 heats, and with points at a premium, TJ put the Kidsport Edmonton, Powder Station, CCR Motorsports, Decal Shop, and Lisa Ledgers Maxim solidly in the field with a 10th place qualifying effort.   TJ gets the weekend started: "The car felt really good in hot laps and qualifying.  I took a clod of mud to the side panels that caved in my seat and smashed my foot against the torque tube.  It hung the throttle open and all I could think about was getting the engine shut down and getting out of the car to check my leg."

After the team repaired the damage to the car and attended to TJ's injury, the focus turned to the heat race where the V8 would start 4th and finish 3rd - transferring straight into the main event.  They would need some help if they were to make the 6 car dash, and that help came when several of the faster timing cars did not make it out of their respective heat races.  Hartman would draw a 3 in the dash invert, but couldn't capitalize on the good fortune.  "There wasn't a lot to get a hold of on the bottom."  he states.  "I had to use a slider on the last lap in the heat race, and fell back two spots on the start of the dash and then just kind of got in line up top.  I knew the track would come to us later."

Lining up inside of the 3rd row for the start of Friday's main event, TJ slipped back a few spots on the start before he got the CCR Motorsports powered mount rolling.  "I just tried to be patient in the beginning, and then started rolling the bottom."  says the normally calm driver.  "We passed a bunch of cars and I was up to second.  It kind of faded at the end, but honestly it felt really good because I knew we were strong enough to have a good shot on Saturday."

A third place finish gave the team even better odds in the points structure going into the final night.  He finishes night 1:  "I was in quite a bit of pain, but it didn't bother me too much in the car.  Lisa(car owner - Davies) took good care of me, and kept me off my foot so I could rest.  I was really looking forward to getting this team another win."

The EBR Motorsports crew prepped the car for the final night, but unfortunately never got the chance to reap the rewards for their efforts.  An incident on the way to the track, sent the trailer flipping with the race car and all the spare parts and tools inside.  When the dust settled, the team was left to relish in the fact that while everyone was shaken, nobody was injured. 

TJ concludes the weekend: "Of course it's disappointing.  But the important part is we're all safe.  I can't thank Scotty and Lisa enough for giving me this opportunity, and Chevy Goodhope for building a strong engine.  Cory, Cody, Jordan, and everyone who helps on the crew and all of the sponsors that keep us out there - thank you.  I need to also give thanks to everyone who stopped or called to see if we were OK or needed anything.  Racing is a great community in times like these."

Hartman was slated to run with the World of Outlaws when they visit Edmonton on August 23rd and 24th, but the team will need to take inventory of the current situation before finalizing those plans.  Stay up on the latest information by following along on twitter at or on TJ's Facebook page at for the latest news and information, along with race night updates.

Next scheduled stop - Searching for the BBQ!

Results - Extreme Cup Castrol Raceways:
8-9-2013 -
Qualifying: 10th
Heat: Start-4th, Finish-3rd
Dash: Start-3rd, Finish-5th
A-Main: Start-5th, Finish-3rd

8-10-2013 -


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