TJ Hartman Racing News October 29, 2013


Photo - TJ's Headers & Mufflers with Performance Coatings

TJ Hartman Racing PR - Getting Coated!

Edmonton, AB Canada - October 29, 2013...

When it comes to performance and looking good, TJ Hartman Racing relies upon Brad Gua and his team at Performance Coatings to combine function and elegance into one package.  The Auburn, WA based company is the West Coast premier ceramic coating specialist, and has been helping support TJ since 2007.  Performance Coatings not only improves the appearance of equipment like headers, mufflers, and complete exhaust systems, they also provide a vital function in helping cool the hot engine parts both external, and internal as well.  

In TJ's words: "Brad and his team at Performance Coatings are such a good partner to be with.  Brad is a racer himself, and knows how much time and money it takes week in and week out to keep performing and looking good for your sponsors.  They know what it takes to keep the parts they work on performing, and in tip top shape.  Their quality and service is awesome, and I'm proud that our headers and mufflers will always be coated by Brad and his team at Performance Coatings."

Visit Performance Coatings on their web site at: or contact them by phone at: 1-253-735-1919

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