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TJ Hartman Racing PR - Safety First!

Edmonton, AB Canada - November 5, 2013...

Smart racers know that their safety comes first.  TJ Hartman knows that Simpson Race Products ensures that he is getting some of the finest safety gear on the market.  With a relationship that dates back to his quarter midget days, going back more than a dozen years, TJ will once again don Simpson gear for 2014.  It's a relationship that he trusts, in gear that he trusts even more.  TeamSimpson - Driven By Safety..........proudly partnered with by TJ Hartman Racing.        

In TJ's words: "I have full trust in wearing Simpson products when I'm out on the track.  I've taken a few good hits, but they have kept me safe from any serious injuries.  Desire and Kayla are such fun people to work with, and despite how busy they are, they always make time to make sure I get what I need!"

Visit Simpson Race Products on their web site at: or contact them by phone at: 1-800-654-7223

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