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Photo - Hooker Harness Ratchet Belt System

TJ Hartman Racing PR - Ratchet it Tight!

Edmonton, AB Canada - November 13, 2013...

Innovative in design, simplistic in concept.  When Hooker Harness brought their ratcheting belt system to the market, it forever changed how drivers and pilots would view their safety.  Their design and technology made it's debut in the aviation field, and transformed into a leading edge product in the racing industry.  Meeting up to the rigid standards of the FAA and SFI, the owners and staff at Hooker Harness take safety very seriously.  It is their utmost concern.  Hooker Harness - keeping TJ strapped in since 2007, and now into 2014.        

In TJ's words: "I've been using the Hooker Harness since Day One.  They created an amazing product that never fails in it's purpose or craftsmanship.  I met Scott personally on one of my trips back to the PRI show in Florida, and he is truly one of my best supporters.  Hooker harness has the best safety harnesses on the market, and not just in sprintcar racing!"

Visit Hooker Harness on their web site at: or contact them by phone at: 1-815-233-5478

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