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Photo - Astro Titanium made in the USA

TJ Hartman Racing PR - High Performance Fasteners!

Edmonton, AB Canada - November 19, 2013...

When it comes to the pieces that hold everything together, TJ Hartman Racing relies upon Astro Titanium.  Dave and his crew at Astro Titanium have been designing and manufacturing titanium bolts and fasteners since 1998.  TJ has been using their products since 2007, and relies upon the crew at Astro to give him the highest quality titanium parts in the industry.  Going into 2014, TJ and Astro Titanium will once again be striving to lead the way, together.        

In TJ's words: "Astro Titanium's service to the sprintcar and racing industry is second to none.  Dave is an outstanding guy, and the people he has working for him are very knowledgeable.  They have the ability to provide you anything you need, from nuts and bolts, to washers and custom projects.  All racers like to save weight, so make sure you have Astro Titanium machining your next order!"

Visit Astro Titanium on their web site at: or contact them by phone at: 1-541-935-2345

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