TJ Hartman Racing News April 1, 2008



TJ Hartman Racing News April 1st, 2008
Apr 1st, 2008
Author: Ted Hartman


Even though the calendar officially says Spring, Winter still looms in the air in the Northwest. The snow and cold are beautiful to look at, but lets just hope that Mother Nature played her April Fools Day joke a little early, and April brings warm weather and blue skies. The first playday looms just two weeks away now, and TJ, his team, and his Wesmar powered Maxim sprint car are ready for 2008.

In between rain and snow showers the team was able to get the new Wesmar engine fired. TJ must have thought it was another prank by his crew when the car wouldn't start on the first push. But a simple switch installed upside down was the culprit, and the engine roared to life when the problem was found. The team decided to fire the engine a second time just to be sure, and to make sure the methanol fix was enough to last a couple more weeks!

Combining the TJ Hartman Racing crew with April Fools Day is like mixing fertilizer with diesel fuel. It's a volatile combination with this group of practical jokers. But with the price of diesel fuel skyrocketing, the team figured it would be better to keep the diesel in the tow rig, and use the day to announce some serious news.

In early February, TJ learned some news that one of his 2007 sponsors had suffered a health issue, and that they would need to evaluate their position to continue helping the team in 2008. Dennis Schlenz, owner of Lacey Auto Licensing in Olympia, WA., and a long time supporter of Northwest racing teams, has informed TJ he is ready to continue his support of the race team through the 2008 season. This is good news for the team, but more importantly, great news that Dennis is well on the path to recovery. "I always want to have long term relationships with my sponsors" TJ comments. "I'm very happy that Dennis has chosen to return as our sponsor, and thankful that he is feeling better. The Lacey Auto Licensing logo looks good on my car, and I hope it stays there for a long time to come." Lacey Auto Licensing is located at 3520 Pacific Ave in Olympia, WA - located inside the Albertson's store. They are open 6 days a week, and for the past 28 years, they have been here to serve you for all of your auto and boat licensing needs. For more information about location and hours, click on the link

The good news for TJ continues. He has been relentless in searching for support of his race team, and his tenacity and positive attitude is paying off. TJ Hartman Racing welcomes Rod End Supply on board as a product supply sponsor. The Olathe, KS. based company is a well known industry supplier for many racing parts such as radius rods, steering arms and links, torsion arms, bars and stops, as well as rod ends like their company name signifies, plus many more racing related parts. Rod End Supply is able to help you perform, no matter the level you are racing at. They have parts to fit a go-cart all the way up to a sprint car or late model. Their field expertise is backed up by their company slogan - "We don't just sell 'em, We race 'em!" TJ adds "I'm fortunate to have another great company like Rod End Supply supporting my race team. I look forward to helping them keep their name at the front of the field." You can find out more about Rod End Supply and their products offered by visiting their web site at

Perhaps the greatest satisfaction in securing a business deal, is meeting the person face to face. Of course, when you are young and have a smile like TJ does, it's not easy to say no either. Parts Plus of Puyallup has been the local parts supply house for TJ Hartman Racing for parts on his race car, as well as the families personal vehicles. Now they have teamed up with TJ on his race team. "I like being able to go over there and talk with Cindy and her guys at the store" TJ says with a smile. "They're easy to work with, and if they don't have the parts I need, they get them here fast. Cindy is always joking with me and it's fun." The Parts Plus group has been serving the automotive industry nationwide since 1957, and the Puyallup store has been operating at their location on Meridian for the past 15 years. You can read more about Parts Plus by visiting their homepage at or stop by the Puyallup location at 15317 Meridian E., Suite J., in Puyallup.

You can stay up to date on all of the exciting news and new developments by visiting TJ's web site at The 2008 racing season is here, and TJ and his team are excited and ready to go. The team thanks all of the great sponsors of TJ Hartman Racing, and encourage you to show your enthusiasm for the team by supporting those who support us.

Next stop - Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma!

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