TJ Hartman Racing News May 13, 2008



TJ Hartman Racing News May 13th, 2008
May 13th, 2008
Author: Ted Hartman


TJ Hartman Racing and Rockslinger Inc. - Making it look easy!

Puyallup, WA - May 13, 2008...

Hard work and planning always pays dividends. Occasionally, letting someone, (or something) else do the work can pay off even bigger. That is exactly what the Rockslinger is for. A remote controlled delivery system for your landscaping and construction needs that eliminates the back breaking labor involved in placing materials in those hard to reach areas.

Owner Lance Koehler describes the process: "It's basically a dump truck with a conveyor that can shoot out material accurately up to 75 feet. We can maneuver everything by a wireless remote control panel I hold while surveying the operation, and we put the material exactly where it's needed." Designed for construction services, the Rockslinger truck is quickly becoming popular in the home improvement industry. Lance continues: "We can shoot sand and gravel for foundations, driveways, ditches, slopes, basements, and things like that for new construction. But it's also great for the homeowner who wants to spread some topsoil or beauty bark. Our 6 axle truck can can haul up to 70,000 pounds, about 15 yards of material, and unloads at around 1 cubic yard per minute."

TJ talks about Rockslinger: "Lance came down to watch my first race in Elma, and talked with me in the pits after the race. He said he liked how my car looked, and he enjoyed watching me drive." TJ's smile and positive attitude is pretty easy to take, and that led to another conversation with the Bonney Lake, WA. based business owner. "I watched some videos of the Rockslinger truck in action, and thought it was a pretty cool deal. Lance has a really nice piece of equipment, and growing up around the construction industry, it was easy to understand what we needed to do in order to help market Lance and his company."

TJ and Rockslinger owner Lance Koehler(far left) talking after the season opener at Grays Harbor Raceway

The remote controlled truck is amazing to watch. It takes all of the back breaking work out of placing material while you just sit back and watch. Lance adds: "We can do a lot of things with this truck, but it's nothing like what that kid does in his race car. Our pace isn't quite as fast as TJ is in his race car! He's fun to watch, and we're excited for Rockslinger to be on his team!"

You can find out more about Rockslinger, Inc. by visiting their web site at
Leave your wheel-barrows and shovels in the garage, get out your favorite lawn chair, and call in the Rockslinger!

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