TJ Hartman Racing News June 14, 2008



TJ Hartman Racing News June 14th, 2008
June 14th, 2008
Author: Ted Hartman


TJ enjoying a moment with the fans - Photo Courtesy of The Nicki Factor

TJ Hartman Racing - UPDATE - TJ Drives Back to a Top 5 at the Grays Harbor Raceway

Puyallup, WA - June 14, 2008...

With the 2008 racing season one third of the way over, TJ is showing he can work through adversity. Despite a lap 3 miscue that resulted in a bent torsion tube, the Puyallup, WA. youngster drove his Wesmar powered Maxim from deep in the field and brought home his second top 5 finish of his rookie season at the Grays Harbor Raceway.

The night started off with TJ falling back in his heat race. TJ describes the beginning of the night: "The track was pretty tacky and my car was not working on the bottom. On a restart in the heat race I wanted to run high, and I ended up letting another car get around me. It was just a dumb mistake on my part. I finished pretty strong, but it put me way back in the line up for the main event." TJ's bobble in the heat race forced him to line up inside row 5 of the 9 row grid for the main event in the Lacey Auto Licensing, A1A BuyNSell, Beach Hut Vacations, Rockslinger Inc., Advanced Powder Coating, Performance Coatings, 360 sprint car.

A wild start to the main event had TJ scrambling to maintain his starting position. TJ explains: "The track was still real tacky for the main. I guess everyone wanted the bottom, but I would have gladly swapped them starting positions for the outside row. It got pretty crazy, and I just spun out on the third lap. I got hit by another car trying to miss me, and ended up bending both of my wings a little bit, and one of my front torsion tubes was bent too. The push truck guy said he thought it would be OK, so I lined up at the back, and tried to relax." On a tacky track, TJ would have his work cut out for him if he wanted to get back towards the front.

TJ lining up to go green after his spin - Photo Courtesy of Fletcher Motorsports

TJ finishes the night: "I just could not get the car to work on the bottom. But I wasn't really any better on the top either. I kept getting better as we went along, and I was wishing the race was 100 laps and stay green all the way! The last 5 laps was really cool. I was dicing pretty good with another car, and we were moving forward and passing cars! It was a lot of fun. I wish it would have lasted longer. On the last restart they came on the radio and said they were shortening the race to 25 laps, so I knew I had to get some more cars fast. After I spun out, all I wanted to do was get back to the front. My crew works really hard for me, and I kind of let them down earlier. I think they were pretty happy in the end, because when I went to change my clothes, they played a joke on me by tying my shoes together in about a hundred knots!" TJ adds with a smile and laugh: "That means they were happy with me because they were playing games!"

TJ racing with a 20+ year GHR icon and completing another pass late in the race -
Photo Courtesy of Fletcher Motorsports

TJ Hartman Racing returns to the Grays Harbor Raceway on June 28th, and will be showing the car and greeting people earlier on the same day at Olsen Furniture in Shelton from 10:00AM to 2:00PM. The team is enjoying the season and looking forward to getting back on the track. We encourage you to come out for the races, and share in the fun and excitement. We also ask that you show your enthusiasm for the team by supporting those who support us.

Next stop - Grays Harbor Raceway - June 28th!

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