TJ Hartman Racing News August 18, 2008



TJ Hartman Racing News August 18th, 2008
August 18th, 2008
Author: Ted Hartman


Photo Courtesy of The Nicki Factor - The 19 crew making some changes

TJ Hartman Racing - UPDATE - TJ Flips Out!

Puyallup, WA - August 16, 2008...

A night that started out with good things happening, ends in a first for TJ in his Wesmar powered Maxim. Unfortunately it was not the first the team had been hoping for. An unusually rough track surface at the Grays Harbor Raceway proved too tough for TJ to keep the shiny side up, and he officially claimed his first flip in a race car. Adding insult was the fact it happened in the warm up laps where TJ was slated to start the main event from the pole position.

The night got off to a great start with a front row pill draw for the heat race, and headed down hill from there. TJ tells the story: "We were fast again right from hot laps. We adjusted the car just a little bit for the heat race, and I was really confident. The start was called back, and they moved me back a row for the restart. I'm really not sure what they wanted me to do, but eventually I guess I'll figure out who they want starting the race, because it sure wasn't me. I passed a car in the first lap, and ended up second, so I got to be in the trophy dash. We decided to try something in the set up, and it felt pretty good. I finished second again, but pulled a 1 pill for the main event, so that was pretty good, and we just focused on making the right changes for the main."

The track stayed moist and rough despite the hot weather, and TJ waited for his chance to lead the field to the green flag from the pole position. TJ continues: "I don't know what happened, but the warm up laps stayed green for a long time. I ran one lap down low, and decided to try and run another lap up high. The light was still green and guys were passing the pace truck at full speed and it was kinda crazy. When I went into turn one, the car started hopping, and I knew I was going over. It was just to rough to be up there, and I should have just focused on the bottom. It was my mistake, and it was a costly lesson for my team. The safety crew took their time getting me back over, and they were really good about asking if I was OK because I was upside down for so long."

Photo Courtesy of Fletcher Motorsports

The damage to the car was too much to continue for the night. TJ describes what comes next: "We've got some work to do to fix this car. We've got the other car, but this one is fixable, it's just going to take some work. I missed a great chance to win my first main event and heat race at Grays Harbor. I guess the good thing is all I have is a couple of bumps on my elbow and knee, so we're happy for that. It was a crazy night, and I wish I could have it back. It was a tough lesson."

The team is grateful for the concern shown to TJ by the safety crew, fans, and those friends who checked on him. We encourage you to show your enthusiasm for the team by supporting those who support us.

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