TJ Hartman Racing News August 21, 2008



TJ Hartman Racing News August 21st, 2008
August 21st, 2008
Author: Ted Hartman


Photo Courtesy of Fletcher Motorsports - TJ showing the camera a new view

TJ Hartman Racing - UPDATE - Back on all fours!

Puyallup, WA - August 21, 2008...

Nursing a bruised knee, and with a sting to his pride, TJ has his Wesmar powered Maxim ready to return to action at the Grays Harbor Raceway this Saturday. The team went through the gambit of emotions, as the 16 year old youngster took a ride that was unplanned, resulting in a damaged race car, and a hard lesson learned.

Last weeks crash is now behind the team, but not without the reminders of what can happen in an instant in sprint car racing. TJ describes what it took to repair the damage: "The car took some damage, but not as much as I did. Every new piece I put back on the car was a reminder of my mistake. It's all back together now. It took a lot of parts and some welding, but it was worth fixing. We could have just used our other car, but I wanted to put this one back together. I've thought about the whole thing, and all I can do now is just learn from it."

Photo Courtesy of Fletcher Motorsports - GHR safety crew on the scene

TJ walked away from the flip with little more than a scrape and bruise. The safety and tow truck crew were very protective of the teenager, and took extra precaution to insure he was OK. TJ continues: "I'm really surprised how I didn't move around at all during the flip. My (Butlerbuilt) seat and (Hooker Harness) belts did their job, and all I got was a bruise on my knee. We looked later, and my knee guard wasn't really covering one of the fittings good enough, so I took the time to fabricate a new mount, and it's covered better now. I want to thank Butlerbuilt and Hooker Harness for keeping me safe, and especially the safety crew. They said I was upside down for a little while, so when they tipped me back over, they made me sit there for a minute to make sure the blood didn't rush out of my head and have a problem. That was pretty cool."

John from FletcherMotorsports captured a great sequence of photos from the crash. The team would like to thank him for his discretion in asking permission to post the pictures in light of the immediate emotions surroundings a torn up race car. He's the best, and the team does not mind sharing the moments of pain, concern, and anguish. We're better for it. More pictures can be seen by clicking on the link below and scrolling forward.

The next race for TJ Hartman Racing is this Saturday, August 23rd, at the Grays Harbor Raceway. The team is excited to get back on the track. Please show your enthusiasm for TJ and his race team by supporting those who support us.

Next stop - Grays Harbor Raceway - August 23rd!

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