TJ Hartman Racing News March 15, 2009



TJ Hartman Racing News March 15th, 2009
March 15th, 2009
Author: Ted Hartman


Photo courtesy of The Nicki Factor - TJ displaying his car at Emerald Ridge High School in Spring/2008

TJ Hartman Racing - UPDATE - TJ tells his story to his classmates!

Puyallup, WA - March 15, 2009...

The one thing TJ has learned about racing, is that not everyone lives and breathes the roar of engines and the thrill of competition in motorsports. There are very few indications of who this normally quiet and reserved 17 year old is come Saturday nights. For the students at Emerald Ridge High School in Puyallup, WA, they finally got a chance to learn a little more about who the smiling kid that wears racing t-shirts really is.

A year ago this Spring, TJ had an opportunity to display his race car at his High School Spring Fest car show. Many of the kids had never seen a sprint car, and it drew enough attention to spark an interest in the school journalism class. TJ picks up the story: "I had a friend who was in the journalism class start asking me some question about my racing. She didn't get to see my car last year, but she noticed my TJ Hartman Racing hoody sweatshirt, and asked what I do. She thought it would make a cool story for the Jagwire(school newspaper), so she set up an interview. We would talk during lunch, and then she came over to the shop and took some pictures for the article. She was pretty impressed with the cars, and how clean they were for racing in the dirt. She even got to see one of the quarter midgets I drove, and thought it was cute because it was so small!"

Unless you have actually sat in a sprint car, it is hard to comprehend just how the drivers contort their bodies into the 700 horsepower rockets. The lanky 130 pound teenager adds: "Ashley(Jagwire reporter) couldn't figure out how I could fit in the sprint car, so I climbed in and showed her. She thought it was funny how I could squeeze into the seat because its so small."

Photo courtesy of The Nicki Factor - TJ climbing in for action at the Grays Harbor Raceway in August/2008

Having the opportunity to share what you do outside of school with those who only see you during the week can be an awakening. TJ explains: "I think it was pretty neat that I got to talk about my racing, and have other students read about it. After the article came out, many of the kids, and a lot of the teachers said they had no idea I drove race cars. They thought it was cool, and a few of them said they're going to come and watch me race. I can't wait to see their reaction after they see that! Everyone I've ever met is amazed at the start of a sprint car race, and they're pretty much hooked after that. It will be cool to bring some new fans to the sport."

The article can be viewed by downloading the link concluding this weeks update. The entire TJ Hartman Racing team would like to thank Ashley and the Jagwire journalism class for giving the students at Emerald Ridge High School the opportunity to learn about one of their own classmates, and for sharing TJ's story. TJ concludes the update: "It was a neat article. I really like to talk about racing, and it was fun talking with Ashley and the people who read the article." He adds with his trademark smile: "Maybe the coolest thing was the article ended up on page 19!"

Link to Jagwire article:
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Despite another bout with the weather this week, TJ Hartman Racing is ready for the 2009 racing season to get underway. The countdown is on!

Next scheduled stop - Planning beyond 2009!

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